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GET v1/GoogleProducts?keyword={keyword}&pageNo={pageNo}&pageSize={pageSize}&includeMappings={includeMappings}

Request Information

URI Parameters

validationStatus ProductFeedValidationStatus

keyword string

pageNo integer

pageSize integer

includeMappings boolean

Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description

Collection of GoogleFeedProduct
Mapping ProductFeedMapping

Guid globally unique identifier

ProductID integer

ProductIdentifier string

SubscriberGuid globally unique identifier

ProductTitle string

ProductVariantTitle string

Description string

Barcode string

Price decimal number

OriginalPrice decimal number

DisplayUrl string

ProductImageUrl string

ProductVariantImageUrl string

ImageUrl string

ImageUrls Collection of string

Vendor string

ItemTypeID integer

ItemTypeTitle string

Attributes Collection of ItemAttribute

Active boolean

Deleted boolean

VersionDate date

Gtin string

Brand string

Title string

Gender Gender

IsAdult boolean

Ages Collection of Age

Condition string

Materials Collection of string

Patterns Collection of string

Colors Collection of string

SizeType SizeType

Sizes Collection of Measurement

Volumes Collection of Measurement

Dimensions Collection of string

Weight Measurement

Height Measurement

Width Measurement

Depth Measurement

Response Formats

application/json, text/json


Sample not available.