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GET v1/Items/{id}?includeTargetingInfo={includeTargetingInfo}

Loads an item by its id.

Request Information

URI Parameters

id integer

Product id.

includeTargetingInfo boolean

Whether or not item's targeting info (Targeting Rules and Keywords) should be loaded as well.

Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description

Identifier string

Item's unique identifier in its source system.


Title string


Vendor string

ItemType string

Item type.

Price decimal number

Price (if applicable).

OriginalPrice decimal number

Original Price (if applicable, and the "Price" is discounted).

DisplayUrl string

URL by which the Item is accessible (if applicable).

Description string


ImageUrl string

Image URL (if applicable).

Prevalence integer

Indicates the relative frequency with which an item appears.

Value must be between -5 and 5

CollectionPrevalence integer

Indicates the relative frequency with which a collection appears.

Value must be between -5 and 5

PopularityIndex integer

Overall popularity index calculated based on user behavior feedback.

Read only

TrendingIndex integer

Tags string

Comma-separated tags applicable to the item.

Active boolean

Indicates whether item is active or not.

Default is true

Collections Collection of string

List of collection identifiers this item belongs to.

UpdateDate date

Latest update date.

Response Formats

application/json, text/json

  "Identifier": "Identifier",
  "Title": "T-Shirt",
  "Vendor": "Nike",
  "Description": "Sample T-Shirt",
  "Prevalence": 0,
  "PopularityIndex": 2,
  "Tags": "Tee,Shirt,T-Shirt",
  "Active": true,
  "Deleted": false